“TRANS AWARE” was an exhibit showcasing twenty-four San Francisco Bay Area artists to celebrate Trans Awareness Week at the office of the Senator Scott Wiener in the State of California Building, San Francisco.

The artists came from diverse backgrounds and include trans, queer, non-binary, and cis-gender artists. Each work of art brings together trans awareness through historical, personal, representational, or abstract art.

The exhibit is intended to commemorate Trans Awareness Week and to draw attention to the current political climate of trans rights. It aims to create a space for community building and to unite various voices in the struggle for trans rights. It also highlights the significance of visibility and representation in the transgender community. The exhibit serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the transgender community, and of the necessity of continuing to fight for their rights. Additionally, it endeavors to educate and inform those unfamiliar with trans rights and the issues facing the trans community. By bringing together artists from different backgrounds and perspectives, the exhibit strives to create a space for dialogue, understanding, and solidarity. Curated by Joseph Abbati & KT Seibert. On view November 17- December 31, 2022.