New Paintings

New paintings from 2020.

“Introductions 2020” at Root Division

I am part of Root Division’s “Introductions 2020” this year opening August 19, 2020. Six pieces will be part of this group exhibit from my “Queeries” series of artwork. View the online exhibit at

The catalog for this exhibit can be viewed here:

Wood Inlaid Paintings

These assemblages are an extension of the “Queeries” series made with different inlaid wood veneers stained with acrylic paint.

Diasporic Futurism

Two of my paintings will be part of an exhibit titled Diasporic Futurism at Root Division. This online exhibition features 18 artists who are interrogating the definition of futurism as it relates to diasporic peoples’ movement throughout their politicized histories. Exhibiting artists will address the inherent questions of identity politics with work that explores belonging, family, the body, and sex. Each artist will explore futurism as it relates to their personal history within and beyond forced diasporas using science fiction/fantasy, visual design, comics, immersive sound, textile, and video.

Exhibition Dates: Jul 9, 2020 to Aug 8, 2020 at