The texture of skin has been a study I’ve been interested in. The variations of skin color, markings, and texture is something that seems to divide us on what is the “normal”. We all share a unique marking when it comes to skin. I like to highlight these markings as how we all are part of the human condition that produces these variances.

Studies (Avatars for the Metaverse)

These “Studies” are paintings that represent avatars for the metaverse. A post-human universe will look strange to us. That strangeness has its roots in being queer. There is an uncomfortableness to this artwork, being referential to surrealism, that pokes at our prejudices of what we accept. Yet in being able to view the odd as human and allowing our inherent misunderstandings of what that provokes in each one of us, might bring an acceptance of the diversity of our nature.  That is, if we can find the beauty in it. 

Paintings 2022

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“Q Anon (queer anonymous)”

“Q Anon (queer anonymous)” redefines the conspiracy theorists to a male couple. The balaclava covered pair of men kissing is a metaphor for those living in the closet, knowing what they want but afraid to be open about it. Hashtag this photo #QAnon to confuse those followers.

“Q Anon (queer anonymous)”, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 30″ X 30″, contact for pricing