“The Artist As Curator” Exhibit

“The Artist as Curator” opened February 14th, 2020, at the office of Senator Scott Wiener. Twelve San Francisco Bay Area artists each curated a space on a diverse set of current topics and interests.

The artists curating include: Grey Dey, Paul Goldman, Paul Morin, Heidi Noriko, Tsungwei Moo, Sean O’Donnell, Joseph Abbati, Wendy Ackrell, John J Hartford, Johnny Botts, Carrington Arredondo, and Elaine T. Nguyen. In addition, these artists have also brought together additional artists including Mariya Milovidova, Christian Martin, Ben James, Alex Strysky, Ryan Johnson, Rafael SanHueza-Leni, Rachel Altman, Birthe Lauvdal, Misho, Deb Cook Shapiro, Daniel Becker, Manny Fabregas, and Katja Leibenath.

Exhibition dates: February 14 – March 27, 2020, weekdays 9am-5pm.
Senator Scott Weiner’s Office: 455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 14800, State of California Building, San Francisco.