photo collages by Joseph Abbati 

from: abeautifulindiscretion.tumblr.com

“A Beautiful Indiscretion” is a documentation consisting of two collages of 1600 photos selected from over 50,000 photos I have posted on Tumblr.  It began as a blog started over 8 years ago about gay erotica, fetishes, and male beauty.  I curated these posts appropriated from other Tumblr blogs into a series of ten-photo narratives.  

Each photo has been cropped, color corrected, or made black & white to focus on the figure or subject matter.  The collages include narratives reading in vertical strips, much like the navigation on Tumblr.  

The opening reception is Sunday, September 16th, 2018 from 6-8pm at Strut (470 Castro St., San Francisco).

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